Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Day At Kilby Cream

This past Saturday, my friend Lin and I went to Kilby Cream in Rising Sun, Maryland, to participate in their corn maze and enjoy their other fall activities.
The day looked dreary and the skies threatened to dump rain before we left, but thankfully the weather changed and it turned out to be a lovely, crisp fall day.

 The neat thing about the corn maze was that it was designed to look like a medieval castle
(check out their map of the maze from above), and when walking through it, you went along in search of 15 different questions that followed the medieval theme. If you correctly answered all the questions at the end, you not only were able to successfully get out of the maze, but you also won a prize, which of course enhanced the fun.

Can you guess the answer to these questions? (If you can't read it, don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge it) Check the end of this post to see if you're right!

After we successfully made it out of the maze, we headed over to their market area to try some of their yummy ice cream made on site and then we went over to visit their small petting zoo that included the usual goats, miniature horses, bunnies and of course cows. What a neat place!

Answers: #1 An Atilliator is "D" and #2 The dragon living in Honalee is "B" Hope ya got them right!

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