Friday, October 26, 2012


Upon the recommendation of a local photographer who gave a presentation on bettering your garden photography that we attended a few weeks ago, we visited Chanticleer in Wayne, PA,  two Saturdays ago.

Known as  "a pleasure garden," this estate, bought by the Rosengartens in the early 20th century was originally built for a summer retreat, but became a year-round residence by 1924. It is now a 35-acre public garden and definitely a lovely area to spend the day not only photographing the many plants and trees, but a great place to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty.

Mr. Rosengarten is said to have named his home after the estate "Chanticlere" in the novel entitled The Newcomes, by William Thackeray. Chanticleer is also the name of a rooster that appears in medieval fables and is why there are several rooster themed statues and other designs throughout the gardens.

The gardens are also filled with neat and unusual sculptures, including a strange pool-like area that has several floating faces, which is quite creepy!

It's officially fall in our area and the leaves are in their full, vivid colors, but when we were visiting the gardens, only a few leaves had begun turning colors and several flowers were still in full bloom making it doubly wonderful in my opinion. Being able to see the colorful leaves and flowers at the same time is a rare treat because it doesn't last too long.

We had quite an enjoyable day spending time appreciating the wonderfully warm weather too, and even were able to spend some time goofing off in the late afternoon sun.

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