Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unfortunate Damage

I'm sure most of the world has heard about the major hurricane/storm the East Coast of the United States that happened during the last week of October, named Sandy. Luckily the area where I live in Newark, Delaware, and most of the Northern parts of Delaware were spared from any major damage. Unfortunately, while taking a drive out to the historic area in New Castle, which is located alongside the Delaware River (about 7 miles from my home), I came across some of the storm's damage.

This was a wooden pier that walkers could go out to the end and get a nice view of the river and the surrounding area. It has many memories for me, as I'm sure it had for lots of local residents and anyone who visited the park where it's located.

As you can see it's completely destroyed, and the lovely rose bushes at the entrance also succumbed to the nasty weather.

It looked like quite a few trees, limbs and other debris was being cleaned up by the time I got there, making the entire area look more like a messy construction zone than a lovely historic river front park.

While this wasn't by any means any major devastation that other states incurred, it did make me quite sad to see what did happen, and I hope that the town of New Castle will be able to clean, repair and restore the area back to the former neat place it once was before that horrible storm ripped through.

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